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MLSolidWorksDragAnimator Class Reference

MLSolidWorksDragAnimator implements the IDragOperator interface of SolidWorks. More...

#include <+SolidWorks/MLSolidWorksDragAnimator.h>

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Public Member Functions

function MLSolidWorksDragAnimator (in rawPointer, in parent)
 Class constructor of MLSolidWorksDragAnimation.
function AddComponent (in obj, in componentName, in appendFlag)
function BeginDrag (in obj)
function EndDrag (in obj)
function Drag (in obj, in Transform4x4)
function DragAsUI (in obj, in Transform4x4)

Static Public Member Functions

static function iConvertTransform (in Transform4x4)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

MLSolidWorksDragAnimator implements the IDragOperator interface of SolidWorks.

The MLSolidWorksDragAnimation allows access to functions that perform assembly animation based on external data namely MATLAB generated 4x4 transforms.

For more information please refer to the SolidWorks API documentation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function MLSolidWorksDragAnimator ( in  rawPointer,
in  parent 

Class constructor of MLSolidWorksDragAnimation.

Member Function Documentation

function AddComponent ( in  obj,
in  componentName,
in  appendFlag 
function BeginDrag ( in  obj )
function Drag ( in  obj,
in  Transform4x4 
function DragAsUI ( in  obj,
in  Transform4x4 
function EndDrag ( in  obj )
static function iConvertTransform ( in  Transform4x4 ) [static]

Member Data Documentation

m_CADRawPointer [inherited]

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